Tolu Disu is a senior healthcare professional with near 15 years-experience in biopharma, healthcare consulting, public health and med tech sectors in technical, commercial and management roles.

With a firm interest in primary care, immunology and precision medicine, Tolu began her more formal career journey as a biologist in 2009, working in Vaccines Basic Research with Merck and later expanded on this passion by authoring a distinguishing “Challenges of Developing an HIV-1 vaccine” as part of her MSc Library project. Subsequently, she was headhunted to join the Commercial Leadership Program at GE Water and Process Technologies UK, for an EMEA coverage, after which she moved to Nigeria to join GE Healthcare, pioneering first-of-a-kind maternal newborn health programs. While working as the Program Manager- Primary & Referral Care for their Africa business, Tolu joined the AVMI in 2018 first as an institutional member and then, later on, in a personal capacity. Following 1.5 years of contributions to AVMI Advocacy and Communications Working Groups, Tolu was elected to join the AVMI board in 2021.