Day 1 Presentations
2018 AGM Freetown Agenda
1_AVMI 2018 AGM_Health Security in Africa_The importance of local vaccine development and manufacturing_Jean Marie Okwo-Bele_presented by Oyewale
1_AVMI 2018 AGM_Advancing Vaccine Development and Manufacture in Africa AGM Freetown 2018_Patrick Tippoo
2.1_AVMI 2018 AGM_Advancements_Establishing Manufacturing Capabilities for Human Vaccines_Kris Howard
2_AVMI 2018 AGM_Advancements_Institute Pasteur Dakar_Amadou Sall_presented by Nathalie Robineau
2_AVMI 2018 AGM_Advancements_Ethiopian Public Health Institute_Birhanu Hurisa
2_AVMI 2018 AGM_Advancements_Biovaccines Nigeria_Everest Okeakpu
2_AVMI 2018 AGM_Advancements_Innovative Biotech_Simon Agwale_presented in session 6
2_AVMI 2018 AGM_Advancements_ASPIRxVax_Andrew Clocanas_presented by William Ampofo
2_AVMI 2018 AGM_Advancements_Biomedicalabs LLC_Abdul Kpara-Massaly
2_AVMI 2018 AGM_Advancements_Advocacy Strategy_Chidi Nweneka
3_AVMI 2018 AGM_Regional Perspectives_African In the Global Vaccines Manufacturing Landscape_EAC_Jean-Baptiste Havugimana
3_AVMI 2018 AGM_Regional Perspectives_African In the Global Vaccines Manufacturing Landscape_WAHO_Sybil Ossei Agyeman Yeboah
4_AVMI 2018 AGM_Knowledge Cafe_Making Medicines in Africa_A Risk Management Approach_Geoffrey Banda
4_AVMI 2018 AGM_Knowledge Cafe_Patrick Tippoo
5_AVMI 2018 AGM_Key Disease Challenges_Ebola_Steve Ahuka
5_AVMI 2018 AGM_Key Disease Challenges_AVMI as a Catalyst for HIV Vaccine Advocacy_Chidi Nweneka
5_AVMI 2018 AGM_Key Disease Challenges_Influenza in Africa_Shoshana Goldin
5_AVMI 2018 AGM_Key Disease Challenges_Lassa Fever_Abdulsalami Nasidi_presented in session 6
5_AVM 2018 AGM_Key Disease Challenges_Yellow Fever_Oyewale Tomori
Day 2 Presentations
6_AVMI 2018 AGM_Global Perspectives and Initiatives_African CDC_John Nkengasong_presented by William Ampofo
6_AVMI 2018 AGM_Global Perspectives and Initiatives_UCAB_Jan Hendriks
7_AVMI 2018 AGM_Knowledge Cafe_Table 1_Importance of Vaccine Development and Manufacturing Capacity in Africa
7_AVMI 2018 AGM_Knowledge Cafe_Table 2_AVMI Value Proposition
7_AVMI 2018 AGM_Knowledge Cafe_Table 3_Identify potential Advocacy Champions and Approaches
7_AVMI 2018 AGM_Knowledge Cafe_Table 4_Ministerial Conference on Immunization
8_AVMI 2018 AGM_A Word From Our Sponsors_Biozeen_Daniel Cardoso (1)
8_AVMI 2018 AGM_A Word From Our Sponsors_NHVMAS_Morenike Ukpong
9_AVMI 2018 AGM_Summary of Meeting Proceedings_Chidi Nweneka