AVMI is required to hold an annual general meeting that deals with the consideration of the annual financial statements, the nomination or election of directors, the appointment of auditors and all other business that is considered to be special business.

The meeting focused on three key issues:
1. Election of the new board
2. Amending the term of the new board (Special Resolution attached)
3. Taking stock of AVMI against the backdrop of continental developments with regards to vaccine manufacturing and deliberating the way forward.
0. 2021 AGM Welcome_William Ampofo
1. 2021 AVMI AGM Executive Directors Report_Patrick Tippoo
2. & 3. 2021 AVMI AGM Financial Report_Ebrahim Mohamed
4. & 8. 2021 AVMI AGM Overview of election process of the new board elections_Charlie Nemgumoni
5. 2021 AVMI AGM PAVM Update_Nicaise Ndembi
6. 2021 AVMI AGM What Next_Jean Vivien Mombouli & Panel
9. 2021 AVMI AGM Board Election Results_Melissa Schouw
9. 2021 AVMI Special Resolution_Directors Term
The meeting program built on achievements and progress to date, seeking to leverage promising developments on the continent by providing a platform to:

1. Engage key stakeholders from health, science & technology, trade & industry, business, finance and other key African opinion leaders with the aim of strengthening and enhancing local and regional efforts on the continent.
2. Highlight regional and country specific initiatives and identify strategies to take these forward.
3. Address challenges and develop plans to advance and promote African capacity to develop and manufacture vaccines into the future.
Day 1 Presentations
2018 AGM Freetown Agenda
1_AVMI 2018 AGM_Health Security in Africa_The importance of local vaccine development and manufacturing_Jean Marie Okwo-Bele_presented by Oyewale
1_AVMI 2018 AGM_Advancing Vaccine Development and Manufacture in Africa AGM Freetown 2018_Patrick Tippoo
2.1_AVMI 2018 AGM_Advancements_Establishing Manufacturing Capabilities for Human Vaccines_Kris Howard
2_AVMI 2018 AGM_Advancements_Institute Pasteur Dakar_Amadou Sall_presented by Nathalie Robineau
2_AVMI 2018 AGM_Advancements_Ethiopian Public Health Institute_Birhanu Hurisa
2_AVMI 2018 AGM_Advancements_Biovaccines Nigeria_Everest Okeakpu
2_AVMI 2018 AGM_Advancements_Innovative Biotech_Simon Agwale_presented in session 6
2_AVMI 2018 AGM_Advancements_ASPIRxVax_Andrew Clocanas_presented by William Ampofo
2_AVMI 2018 AGM_Advancements_Biomedicalabs LLC_Abdul Kpara-Massaly
2_AVMI 2018 AGM_Advancements_Advocacy Strategy_Chidi Nweneka
3_AVMI 2018 AGM_Regional Perspectives_African In the Global Vaccines Manufacturing Landscape_EAC_Jean-Baptiste Havugimana
3_AVMI 2018 AGM_Regional Perspectives_African In the Global Vaccines Manufacturing Landscape_WAHO_Sybil Ossei Agyeman Yeboah
4_AVMI 2018 AGM_Knowledge Cafe_Making Medicines in Africa_A Risk Management Approach_Geoffrey Banda
4_AVMI 2018 AGM_Knowledge Cafe_Patrick Tippoo
5_AVMI 2018 AGM_Key Disease Challenges_Ebola_Steve Ahuka
5_AVMI 2018 AGM_Key Disease Challenges_AVMI as a Catalyst for HIV Vaccine Advocacy_Chidi Nweneka
5_AVMI 2018 AGM_Key Disease Challenges_Influenza in Africa_Shoshana Goldin
5_AVMI 2018 AGM_Key Disease Challenges_Lassa Fever_Abdulsalami Nasidi_presented in session 6
5_AVM 2018 AGM_Key Disease Challenges_Yellow Fever_Oyewale Tomori
Day 2 Presentations
6_AVMI 2018 AGM_Global Perspectives and Initiatives_African CDC_John Nkengasong_presented by William Ampofo
6_AVMI 2018 AGM_Global Perspectives and Initiatives_UCAB_Jan Hendriks
7_AVMI 2018 AGM_Knowledge Cafe_Table 1_Importance of Vaccine Development and Manufacturing Capacity in Africa
7_AVMI 2018 AGM_Knowledge Cafe_Table 2_AVMI Value Proposition
7_AVMI 2018 AGM_Knowledge Cafe_Table 3_Identify potential Advocacy Champions and Approaches
7_AVMI 2018 AGM_Knowledge Cafe_Table 4_Ministerial Conference on Immunization
8_AVMI 2018 AGM_A Word From Our Sponsors_Biozeen_Daniel Cardoso (1)
8_AVMI 2018 AGM_A Word From Our Sponsors_NHVMAS_Morenike Ukpong
9_AVMI 2018 AGM_Summary of Meeting Proceedings_Chidi Nweneka
AVMI moved ahead in its exciting mission of establishing sustainable vaccine manufacturing capacity on the African continent. The AGM aimed to deliver a realistic plan of action with respect to our key objectives i.e. advocacy, partnerships, capacity planning and resource mobilization.

For day one, the first session would provide an overview of AVMI and the VMPA study. Manufacturers based on the African continent would provide progress and achievements from the past years, also the meeting would look at diseases of high importance to the African region. The global health developments would be provided by Wellcome Trust, CEPI and Geoff Banda (University of Edinburgh). AVMI stakeholders such as WHO and HHS would provide a perspective on the vaccine manufacturing platform. These sessions would be followed by a wrap up discussion at the end of the day.

Day two would be a closed meeting as the agenda points would include; the revised Memorandum of Incorporation; election and appointment of key office bearers; the development of an AVMI two-year operational plan and progress.