Currently 14 vaccine manufacturing companies are signed up members of AVMI.

Afrigen Biology is a biotechnical company in Cape Town South Africa focusing on vaccine innovation and production. The adjuvant formulation platform established in Afrigen in 2017 has led to the creation of the first ADJUVANT FORMULATION CENTRE in Africa. Afrigen has developed its pipeline of vaccines using new generation adjuvants and formulations in partnership with owners of relevant antigens.

Below are a few of Afrigens in-house platforms

  • Microbial
  • Immune Therapies
  • mRNA Hub

The WHO mRNA hub at Afrigen, in South Africa, is developing mRNA vaccines and will transfer technology for COVID-19 vaccines and other mRNA products to 15-20 “spokes” in LMICs for commercial production creating a mega network of vaccine manufacturing capacity across LMICs. This program will contribute to future pandemic preparedness in and for low-and middle-income countries. Its core concept is empowerment.

AFRIGEN has more Vaccine Developments in the Pipeline, below are just to name a few.

  • African Horse Sickness – Vaccine Improvement & New Vaccine
  • Brucellosis – Recombinant Vaccine Development
  • Ovine Feedlot Vaccine – Novel New Vaccine Development

Headquartered in Durban, South Africa, Aspen is a leading global specialty and branded multinational pharmaceutical company in both emerging and developed markets.


Aspen improves the health of patients in more than 115 countries through its high quality, affordable and effective healthcare solutions. The Group’s key business segments are Manufacturing and Commercial Pharmaceuticals comprising Regional Brands and Sterile Focus Brands that include anaesthetics and thrombosis products.


Aspen employs more than 9 000 people and has 69 established business operations in over 50 countries. The Group operates 23 manufacturing facilities across 15 sites and holds international manufacturing approvals from some of the most stringent global regulatory agencies. Its manufacturing capabilities are scalable to demand and cover a wide variety of product-types including steriles, oral solid dose, liquids, semi-solids, biologicals and active pharmaceutical ingredients.

Atlantic Lifesciences Limited is a sister company of Pharmanova Ltd, a major importer and supplier of Anti- Snake serum, Anti-Rabies vaccine and Anti-Tetanus serum in the West African sub region. Atlantic Lifesciences was established in 2017 at Ningo-Prampram, Greater-Accra Region in Ghana to focus primarily on sterile manufacturing. Hence, the company has fully operational Large & Small Volume Parenterals, Ophthalmic drops and Anaesthetics production lines.

As a company with keen interest in supporting the AU’s vision of having 60% of vaccines needed in Africa produced locally, Atlantic Lifesciences has set up a state-of-the-art Vaccine & Serum Fill & Finish facility and intends to fill and finish various vaccines locally when on full stream. These include Tetanus Toxoid, Pentavalent, Meningococcal, Pneumococcal, Anti-rabies, Malaria vaccine, Typhoid Vaccine, Haemophilus Influenza type B and Recombinant Hepatitis B vaccines.

In the long term, other recombinant vaccines including mRNA vaccines will also be produced. Atlantic will commence the production of biological products (sera) including Anti-Snake Venom Serum, Anti-Rabies immunoglobulin, and Anti-Tetanus Serum by the second quarter of 2023. Atlantic is poised to work in collaboration with PAVM, AVMI and other AU agencies to contribute to achieving the AU’s goal of developing, producing and supplying at least 60% of Africa’s vaccines on the continent by 2040.

Avacare Health Group, serving over 600 million people in 18 African countries, as well as the Middle East, Turkey, North America, and India, specializes in a spectrum of healthcare solutions.

Its operations range from vaccine development at Afrigen to extensive clinical research at Farmovs, alongside manufacturing medical devices and disposables. With 11 pharmaceutical plants in Africa, Avacare also significantly contributes to the pharmaceutical sector. Additionally, it focuses on healthcare workforce education and skill development, particularly in healthcare services, pharmaceuticals and vaccine production.

Avacare is deeply committed to the African Vaccine development and Manufacturing Initiative through enhancing capacity for research and development, Skills building; as well as manufacturing of vaccines and disposables that are used for administering vaccines.

Biovac is a public private partnership established to revive the development and manufacture of vaccines and biologicals in South Africa for the region. Their goal is to ensure that the country has the required domestic capacity to respond to local and regional vaccine needs through the supply of quality products and the establishment of world class manufacturing facilities.

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Biovaccines Nigeria Limited (BVNL) is a joint venture company incorporated as a special purpose vehicle to revive the production of safe and affordable human vaccine in Nigeria and the region. Our primary objective is to nurture local capacity to respond to Nigeria and the region’s growing immunization needs through research and development, manufacturing and supply of essential and novel vaccines from our world class manufacturing facility.

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DEK Vaccines Limited is a vaccine manufacturing facility based in Accra, Ghana. The project is strategically in-line with objectives of preparedness for the next pandemic (WHO) as well as health security of Africans.


Pharm. Kofi Nsiah-Poku the founder of Kina Group and Managing Director of DEK Vaccines Limited is the sole shareholder of DEK.

In Phase 1 of the project DEK will focus on Fill & Finish and will progress to Drug Substance and Drug Product in Phase 2. The vaccines that will be produced in the initial phase are: Malaria, Cholera, Cervical Cancer (HPV) and Hexavalent.

The DEK facility is engineered to produce 600 million vaccine doses annually under BSL-2 and strict GMP conditions. Filling lines are equipped with Isolators, and the cold storage facility is designed to store 150 million vaccines doses with mRNA vaccines at -70 to -90o Celsius and EPI and Novel vaccines at 2-8o Celsius.

Gennvax Egypt will be the first full production vaccine/ biologicals facility with the biggest R&D hub that will cater the whole African continent.

Led by top vaccines / industrial affairs experts handpicked from all countries makes Gennvax a unique project in addition Gennvax will be the first WHO PQ accredited vaccine facility and this is now doable after the fact that Egyptian drug authority (EDA) was granted ML3 accreditation by WHO recently.

Gennvax is having onboard a consortium of cosmopolitan investors from across the globe including public stake holders which creates a full PPP project which makes it an unprecedented approach across the continent when it comes to high tech sophisticated pharma facilities.

  • Gennvax will be the biggest full production cycle vaccines facility in the region catering Africa and the MEA region
  • Gennvax will have Full vaccines portfolio for current NIPs needs and for future EPI modernization / additions across the region.
  • Gennvax will be Applying the highest vaccine manufacturing technologies with a robust R&D infrastructure.

Gennvax will be the First facility in the region with Green Energy (Solar panels)


By Africans for Africans – Gennvax Egypt

The mission of Innovative Biotech is to develop advance products and services for licensing or sale to medical clinics/facilities, governments and distribution companies located throughout the world and Africa in particular, where we have extensive experience and business connections.  Many major public health diseases in developing countries are preventable by treatments and therapeutics already available or currently being introduced in developed countries.

Our goal is to identify the potential health care solutions, assess the most appropriate distribution strategy, acquire the necessary resources to implement the strategy and successfully export the therapies into the developing Countries. The ultimate goal is to provide the infrastructure that will create the maximum probability for commercial success.

The Pasteur institute of Dakar (IPD) is a foundation under Senegalese law. It is non-profit making and is mandated to support public health in Africa and in particular in Senegal. IPD has research, education, training, medical, epidemiological and biological expertise and manufactures yellow fever vaccine under the conditions laid down in the statutes signed between the government of the republic of Senegal and the Institut Pasteur on 29 September 2009.

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Institut Pasteur Tunis (IPT) is under the supervision of the ministry of health and by law it is defined “a scientific research institution based on Pasteurian methods” .
Its role is to carry out all scientific investigations, missions, analyses or research relevant to human or animal health or the economic development of Tunisia. It produces biological products such as vaccines, serums, and antigens. It also has the faculty to collaborate in higher education in Tunisia.

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MARBIO was founded as part of a long-term vision by Moroccan royalty to make the country a global hub for biotechnology in Africa. It is a manufacturing site for producing and filling vaccines. MARBIO is an integral part of a public-private partnership, featuring the collaboration of one of the world’s foremost biotechnologies and “Fill & Finish” industry leaders.

Located in Benslimane, this project aims to secure the Kingdom’s self-sufficiency in vaccine production and elevate the nation to the forefront of the biotechnology landscape on both the African continent and worldwide within the realm of the “Fill & Finish” industry.

The National Vaccine Institute (NVI) was established by the Government of Ghana to coordinate and supervise the research, development, and manufacturing of vaccines and sera in Ghana.

The NVI serves to operationalize vaccine self-sufficiency through domestic, private vaccine manufacturers and local research and development.


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VAIUG, an affiliate of Microhaem Scientifics and Medical Supplies Uganda Ltd, specializes in vaccine manufacturing.



We plan to produce as Fill and Finish, the Hexavalent (HPV, HiB, Hep B, and IPV), the trivalent Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR), and the multivariate HPV vaccines. Ultimately through R&D branch, we hope to build capacity to manufacture vaccines from end to end. We hope to bridge the wide gap between local manufacture and local consumption which now depends almost entirely (99%) on importation.

Egyvac, an Egyptian company for production of vaccines, sera & drugs, is one of the affiliated companies of the holding company for Biological Products & Vaccines (Vacsera) that is specialized in the production and distribution of vaccines. Egyvac is the only producer of vaccines & sera & drugs in Egypt and is the oldest manufacturer of vaccines in Africa and the Middle East.


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