Four working groups have been established and as we continue the mission of AVMI, we create space for additional working groups.

The objectives of the Advocacy working group are:

  1. Development of clear policy guidelines on each Group’s subject matter for the Board’s consideration.
  2. Provide technical support to the Board and the Executive Committee on their areas of consideration
  3. Under the direction and guidance of the Board and the Executive Committee, implement programs and activities for the realization of the goals and objectives of their respective groups
  4. Identify appropriate partners and / or sources to fund the activities of the Group

Summary of Key Highlights To Date:

  • Revised the AVMI Advocacy strategy developed in 2017 to meet the current context.
  • Supported the AVMI COVID-19 Task Force in articulating its work plan and advocacy strategy.
  • Held several high-level engagements with potential partners, including the Save the Children UK
  • Have been playing a key role in the Market Design and Demand Intelligence Workstream of the PAVM initiative.

The objectives of the Communications working group are:

  1. Support internal and external-focused AVMI communication and marketing activities.
  2. Lead or contribute to a variety of oral and written communication deliverables aligned to AVMI’s mission.

Summary of Key Highlights To Date:

  • Marketing and Digital Presence: Enhanced our virtual handles through updating of AVMI websites and posting of events on our social media handles. Exploring outsourcing of traditional and digital marketing efforts to improve the AVMI brand equity and improve awareness
  • Events and Partnershipsactively prepared and participated in topical vaccine-related conferences, webinars and panel discussions on advocacy, manufacturing, local production, technologies, and security. Notable partners included African Union, Africa CDC, IAVI, Medicines for Africa and select biotech companies 
  • Planned or Exploratory External Engagements:  Planned engagement with IPE Global and GE Healthcare via Indo-Africa Vaccine Summit slated for December 2021. Exploring collaborations for press releases, opinion eds and podcasts with Medicines for Africa and Save the Children
  • Working Group Efficiencyupdated and organised workplan, drafted JD for Communication +/- Marketing Resource Specialist and defined Communication Co-Chair responsibilities with flexible tenure


The objectives of the Vaccines/Technology working group:

  1. Coordinate the discourse, plans and activities necessary for establishing a sustainable COVID-19 vaccine development and manufacturing capacity in Africa.
  2. Facilitate the establishment of strategic partnerships between AVMI and relevant African institutions, companies and stakeholders. 

Summary of Key Highlights To Date:

  • Identified ongoing efforts on COVID-19 vaccine development in Africa and assessed the COVID-19 vaccine R&D and manufacturing capacity in Africa.
  • Information was presented at the African-CDC virtual conference in 2020 which showcased AVMIs ability to play a key role in co-ordinating Africa’s long-term vaccine manufacturing efforts.
  • Co-ordinated the engagement of African manufacturers with institutions developing Covid-19 vaccines such as; Chimeron, VaxinZZiccum, Dyadic and Avril Biopharma and facilitated in the signing of NDA’s.
  • Played key roles in the IP and Tech-Transfer workstream of the PAVM, endorsed through the African-CDC. 

The objectives of the Funding and Financing working group:

To financially enable the plans and activities developed by the board and spearheaded by the secretariat.

Summary of Key Highlights To Date:

  • Establishment of Terms of Reference (ToRsfor the Funding Working group which was delivered in October 2021.  
  • Identified key stakeholders, funding organisations and philanthropic agencies to approach as potential funders.
  • Key objectives defined for the next 6-12 months:
    1. Selecting a champion to head the working group as a replacement to the interim structure in place headed by the secretariat.
    2. Defining a high-level roadmap with specific objectives against a well-defined workplan for 2022
    3. Ensure a fully integrated plan aligned to all the other working groups